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We came a long way,

Only to come to this place

where what happens makes a heart hurt.

I hide my face.


Hold my hand, I say, I’m afraid I’ve cared.

But the faster I run, with each step, I slide.

Until I awake in this dark place.




No way out but up, no way forward but climb

And to pull myself out without a lifeline


I weave.


A grim spider at first, a few threads at best

A few tiny connections — and then rest.


I’m too tired to talk but I know what I believe.

I know what light feels like.

And I can weave.


I know what light feels like.

No one knows why we fall


We are none of us alike

For different reasons

We are not always smart.


Between us I remind

myself I could break

or between us I find

a way to make

a Bond, between us I could reject

Or between us I could connect.


A grim spider, I throw out threads in the air

With a mind open that someone will catch

I call, I speak, I reach, I care

And someone will match

my answer somewhere.


I know what light feels like

when we are both there.

I know what it feels like.  I still believe.


I will weave.