Though I love realistic fiction, I have always been drawn to the dreamlike and mystical.  Among writerly musings big and small, I’ve listed my works which have been staged, published, or are in progress.

The Color Yellow: Memoirs of an Asian American

A semi-biographical memoir of a young girl questioning her Asian heritage, paralleled by the struggle of a young Asian immigrant struggling to be “American.”  Written as my senior thesis at Princeton University, it was staged by the LaHi Performing Company in  1991 at La Mama Etc. and at the Philippine Embassy in New York City.

Till Voices Wake Us

“Once upon a time, I was a little girl with a secret and wonderful power.  I could see things in a way no one else could see.”  Rosie Macadaeg lived in Brooklyn, with her busy family and her ordinary life.  But at night, when she dreamed, she began to see visions, visions that she learns her visiting Grandmother shares:  about the dark past of her family, her ancestors, and her mother country, the Philippines.

Anthologized in: 

Contemporary Plays by Women of Color: An Anthology, By Kathy A. Perkins, Roberta Uno (editors), Routledge

Great Scenes from Minority Playwrights: Seventy-four Scenes of Cultural Diversity by Marsh Cassady, Meriwether Publishing

Archived at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in the Roberta Uno Asian American Women Playwrights Scripts Collection, 1924-2002.  A full listing of my archived works can be found under Louella Dizon at

  • The Sweet Sound of Inner Light

This was a short play about a young man who fights his inner demons of sexuality and the outer challenges of racism through gospel music.  It had a staged reading at The Public Theater’s New Work Now Festival in 1997 and another staged reading through the New Georges Theatre the following year.

This was the fairy tale where I found my inner writing magic again.  The illustrated 150-page story is now finished, and I am embarking on the next journey of making it into a book.

  • The Underground Labyrinth (in progress)

The exciting sequel to The Crowded Kingdom!

found on the shoreJada and Jinny are a year older, and the memory of their adventures with Minacrist, Aress and Kiwi have nearly faded.  Until one day, Jinny discovers a mysterious river man washed up on shore, drawing the girls once more into the tiny, crowded fairy world within New York City, this time to unravel the secret behind a mysterious key.  Now famous in the fairy world from their previous heroic adventure, Jada and Jinny are joined by a new friend — a little boy next door named Sam — who brings on more complications between the human and the fairy world than the girls had faced before.

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  1. I love your blog! Can’t wait to read your next entry. I laughed when I read the synopsis of “The Sweet Sound of Inner Light.”.

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