Happy Birthday beloved

the stars are all spent

In the wake of the party

and big lovely tent

Fifty plus years behind you

Quite a few more ahead

As we chased our youth down

where the evening had fled.


Happy Birthday beloved

We sang and we danced.

What a big lovely tribe

we made at a first glance.

Without pause for self-pity.

Not a moment to cry.

For the night was too pretty

to let it pass by.


Happy Birthday beloved

Your life is embraced

in the tan strong arms of

the daughters you raised.

Do not fear for their future

or the lives of their own.

They shall never walk pathways

and birthdays alone.


Happy Birthday beloved

the dawn of next day

will undoubtedly water

these memories away.

But the light of the moment

and love from this crew

Were undoubtedly because

of You.